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Company Profile

ReguTel has been formed to provide a focus of Telecomms expertise in the European deregulated market.

ReguTel provide a unique mix of both technical and financial knowledge, coupled with an understanding of the de-regulated environment relevant to both the operators, their incumbent competition and the regulatory bodies.

We believe that as the market matures, the convergence of mobile and fixed, voice and data as well as broadcast and ‘narrow cast’ will introduce significant ‘dynamics’ into the market place. ReguTel are well placed to provide the mixture of skills and knowledge, able to operate at all levels within an organization to assist with the development of sound business plans, and rigorous evaluation of the technologies and support systems required to develop a differentiated service package.

The main areas of expertise provided by ReguTel centre on the evaluation and development of business cases for Alternate Operators in the European Telecomms market. They develop and advise on all aspects of the business case process for managers and professional staff at all levels in a wide variety of commercial and non-commercial organisations.

Consulting Expertise

Technical evaluation - based on an extensive background in the supply industry, critical and impartial evaluation of technical aspects of new and existing solutions can be evaluated.

Operational optimisation - using experience gained from working with a number of new Alternate Operators in Europe, knowledge of the impact of operational strategies can be brought to bear.

Financial - in depth knowledge of the 'hurdles' and expectations incumbent and Alternate Operators must meet as they either modernise to meet or enter for the first time the emerging competitive European telecomms market.

Regulatory - helping organisations understand the impact of the regulatory constraints and conditions they work within, and design the processes they need to exploit fully the competitive environment they work within.

Previous Experience

Sales and Marketing directorships in a large telecommunications manufacturer. Business development manager. Training and staff development. External PR and event co-ordination.

Sectors that have been served include:

State owned and privatised PTTs


Direct access providers

Indirect and long haul operators