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JAMES BIRD - Current and Past Jobs

The information below shows the type and level of work being carried out by Regutel.

Published Papers and Major Conferences

"Key financial measures involved in the assessment of the NLO business case"
A Nortel internal paper, prepared to ensure the cabinet level members of the FWA business were appraised of the real factors that external finance and vender capitalists were examining in the evaluation of the NLO funding requests Nortel were providing equipment quotations for. 
Internal board level presentation - March '99

"Monitoring and controlling the on-going cost of a FWA network"
Key note paper, setting out the trade offs and issues involved in the choice of various WLL systems and architectures, and the impact of business priorities on the long term profitability of an operators network. 
Presented at the IIR WLL conference Feb '99 in Prague.

Chairmanship of the Vision in Business "WLL in Eastern Europe" conference - May '98 
Co-ordination and chairing of the 2nd day of the 2 day VIB conference in Budapest, including a review of the 1st day's proceedings and summation of the whole conference.

"Comparing the cost of cellular and FWA deployments" 
Analysis and paper presenting an analysis of the various cost points in the deployment of both cellular (mobile) and FWA (fixed) networks and highlighting some of the vulnerabilities involved in making 'direct' comparisons.
Presented at the VIB WLL in eastern Europe conference May '98

"Fixed Wireless Access in Western Europe" 
Paper setting out the real deployments and trials of FWA in Western Europe, the success and issues involved in taking the technology from trial to true commercial service. 
Presented at the IRR FWA conference London 12-13 Feb '98

"Establishing the Business Case for Wireless Access" 
Full day workshop developed to allow operators and emerging operators to understand more fully the issues involved in the selection of an FWA technology, deployment methodology and service set to suit their market and licence obligation. 
Run at both IIR and VIB conferences in '96 and '97.

"Productivity benefits of Cordless PBX in the business market" 
An analysis and presentation of the business benefits and costed examples of the services provided by the range of cordless PBX products available in the market place for both small and large business. 
Presented at the IIR "Cordless and low power conference" May '95